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Eastern Pacific
Underwater Photographs from California page 2
Fish, invertebrates and plants found off the California coast and Channel Islands
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Kelpfish,  Gibbonsia
Medusa jellyfish
Bat Stars
CAS-06 Sheephead and
Giant Spined Star
CAF-19 Kelpfish,
Gibbonsia sp
CAI-28 Medusa jellyfish
(Pegantha sp.)
CAI-02 Intertwined Bat Stars
(Asterina minicata)
Backlit kelp
Blood star on  Corynactis
Light bulb tunicates
California Spiny Lobster
CAI-10 California Spiny Lobster
(Panulirus interruptus)
CAK-14 Backlit kelp
(Macrocystis pyrifera)
CAS-01 Blood star on
Corynactis anemones
CAI-49 Light bulb tunicates
(Clavelina huntsman)

Spanish Shawl nudibranch

alifornia Scorpionfish
Bluebanded Goby

Solitary cup coral

CAI-15 Spanish Shawl nudibranch
(Flabellina Iodinea)
CAF-01 California Scorpionfish
(Scorpaena guttata)
CAF-13 Bluebanded Goby
(Lythrypnus dalli)
CAI-67 Solitary cup coral
(Paracyathus stearnsi)