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Eastern Pacific
Underwater Photographs from Cocos Island, Costa Rica
Fish and invertebrates found off Cocos Island, Eastern Pacific
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Female box fish
Guineafowl puffer, golden
Blue spiny lobster
Male Pacific Boxfish
CRF-01 Female box fish
(Ostracion meleagris)
CRF-04 Guineafowl puffer, golden
phase (Arothron meleagri)
CRI-01 Blue spiny lobster
(Panulirus gracilis)

CRF-03 Male Pacific Boxfish
(Ostracion meleagris)

Barnacle blenny
Christmas tree worms
Guineafowl puffer, golden
Guineafowl puffer
CRF-02 Barnacle blenny
(Acanthemblemaria castroi)
CRF-06 Guineafowl puffer, black
phase (Arothron meleagri)
CRI-02 Christmas tree worms
(Spirobranchus giganteus)
CRF-10 Guineafowl puffer
(Arothron meleagri)

shadowing while hunting

Panamic Graysby
School of jacks

CRF-08 Two species shadowing
while hunting
CRF-05 Panamic Graysby
(Epinephelus panamensis)
CRF-07 School of jacks
(Caranx sexfasciatus)

CRF-09 Trumpetfish
(Aulostomus chinensis)