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Eastern Pacific
Underwater Photographs from Fiji page 1
Examples of fish, invertebrates and scenics found around the islands of Fiji
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Soft coral scenic
Loggerhead turtle
Pink anemonefish
FS-06 Soft coral scenic
FF-20 Loggerhead turtle
(Caretta caretta)
FF-16 Pink anemonefish
(Amphiprion perideraion)
FI-09 Carpet of Zooanthids
(Palythoa sp.)
Grey reef shark
soft coral (Dendronephthya)
Hingebeak shrimp
FF-01 Grey reef shark
(Carcharhinus amblymynchos)
FI-01 Branch of soft coral
FF-17 Triplefin on hard coral
FI-15 Hingebeak shrimp
(Rhynchocinetes striatus)

Pink anemonefish

decorator crab on seafan
Soft coral scenic

Twin gobies on soft coral

FF-09 Pink anemonefish
(Amphiprion perideraion)
FI-12 Decorator crab
on seafan
FS-01 Soft coral scenic
FF-04 Twin gobies on
soft coral