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Eastern Pacific
Underwater Photographs from Fiji page 2
Examples of fish, invertebrates and scenics found around the islands of Fiji
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Smallscale scorpionfish (Scorpaenopsis oxycephalus)
Soft corals
Anemone fish
Christmas Tree Worm
FF-07 Smallscale scorpionfish
(Scorpaenopsis oxycephalus)
FS-02 Soft corals
FF-14 Anemone fish
on Haddon's Anemone
FI-10 Christmas Tree Worm
(Spirobranchus giganteus)
Anemones in shallows
Blueribbon eel
Mantle of giant clam
FS-10 Anemones in
FI-06 Octopus peeks
from hole
CAI-49 Blueribbon eel
(Rhinomuraena quaesita)
FI-03 Mantle of giant
clam (Tridacna)

Goby on wire coral

Sea fan branch
Cabbage coral and diver

Black-saddled sharpnose puffer

FF-03 Goby on wire coral
FI-14 Sea fan branch
FS-08 Cabbage coral
and diver
CAI-67 Black-saddled sharpnose
puffer (Canthigaster valentini)