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Eastern Pacific
Underwater Photographs of California Fish page 2
Examples of the species of fish found off the California coast and Channel Islands
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California Scorpionfish
Juvenile sheephead
California scorpionfish
CAF-01 California Scorpionfish
(Scorpaena guttata)
CAF-21 Sculpin
CAF-20 Juvenile sheephead
(Semicossyphus pulcher)
CAF-14 California scorpionfish
(Scorpaena guttata)
Male sheephead
Horn shark
Swell shark egg
Coralline sculpin
CAF-23 Male sheephead
(Semicossyphus pulcher)
CAF-16 Horn shark
(Heterodontus francisci)
CA-17 Swell shark egg
CAF-10 Coralline sculpin
(Artedius corallinus)

Gopher Rockfish


Island kelpfish

CAF-11 Sculpin,
possibly scalyhead
CI-12 Fringehead
(Neoclinis sp.)
CAF-06Gopher Rockfish
(Sebastes carnatus)
CAF-18 Island kelpfish
(Allochlinus holderi)