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Eastern Pacific
Underwater Photographs from the Galapagos page 1
Fish, invertebrates, and scenics found around the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
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Snowflake moray eel
Red-tailed butterfly fish
White eyed morays
Skunk anemonefish
GF-01 Coral hawkfish
(Cirrhitichtys oxycephalus)
GR-02 Green sea turtle
(Chelonia mydas)
GM-01 Galapagos sea lions
GR-07 Giant tortoise
Darwin Station
Manta ray
Puffer face
Tallfin batfish
Bearded scorpionfish
GB-04 Masked booby
GS-02 Yellow tailed surgeonfish
(Prionurus punctatus)
GF-02 Pacific seahorse
(Hippocampus ingens)
GB-03 Endemic lava heron

Red saddleback anemone fish

Juvenile Red saddleback  anemonefish
Zebra shark

Fimbriated moray eel

GI-01 Orange cup coral
(Tubastrea coccina)
GF-05 Hieroglyphic hawkfish
(Cirrhitus rivulatus)
GF-09 Closeup of Hieroglyphic hawkfish
GR-05 Marine iguana