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Eastern Pacific
Underwater Photographs from the Galapagos page 2
Fish, invertebrates, and scenics found around the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
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Juvenile King angelfish
Galapagos Sea lion
Brown pelican
GF-06 Adult King angelfish
(Holocanthus passer)
GF-07 Juvenile King angelfish
(Holocanthus passer)
GM-02 Galapagos Sea lion
GB-02 Brown pelican on
red sand beach
Marine iguana
Galapagos penguin
Fine-spotted moray eel
GI-03 Unidentified Corallimorph
GF-08 Fine-spotted moray eel
(Gymnothorax dovi)
GR-09 Marine iguana
GB-01 Galapagos penguin


Sally lightfoot crab
Land iguana


GF-03 Balloonfish
(Diodon holocanthus)
GI-04 Sally lightfoot crab
(Grapsus grapsus)
GR-03 Endemic land iguana
GS-01 School of Barberfish
(Johnrandallia nigrirostris)