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Eastern Pacific
Underwater Photos of California Invertebrates page 2
Examples of the species of invertebrates found off the California coast and Channel Islands
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Medusa jellyfish
Proliferating anemone
Blue-ring top snail
CAI-39 Brittlestars surround
CAI-28 Medusa jellyfish
(Pegantha sp.)
CAI-27 Proliferating anemone
(Epiactis prolifera)
CAI-33 Blue-ring top snail
(Calliostoma annulatum)
White Spotted Rose  Anemone
Sea hare
CAI-40 Brittlestar
(Ophiothrix spiculata)
CAI-07 Tentacles of White
Spotted Rose Anemone
CAI-68 Barnacles
(Megabalanus californicus)
CAI-31 Sea hare
(Aplysia californica)

White Spotted Rose  Anemone

White Spotted Rose  Anemone
White Spotted Rose  Anemone

Light bulb tunicates

CAI-55 White Spotted Rose
Anemone, closed
CAI-03 Octopus face
CAI-06 White-Spotted Rose
Anemone (Urticina lofotensis)
CAI-49 Light bulb tunicates
(Clavelina huntsmani)