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Eastern Pacific
Underwater Photos of Kelp from California
Examples of images of Kelp (Macrocystis) off the California coast and Channel Islands
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CAK-01 Garibaldi in
kelp forest
CAK-04 Anemone on
kelp bulb
CAK-09 Floating kelp
CF-12 Growth tip of kelp
CAK-03 Giant kelp in
shallow water
CAK-12 Garibaldi among
giant kelp
CAK-14 Backlit kelp plant
CAK-15 Pneumatocysts or floats of kelp

CAK-07 Pneumatocysts or floats
giant kelp
CAK-13 Half moon perch
in kelp bed
CAK-08 Blue-ring top snail
on kelp blade
CAK-16 Giant kelp plant