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Papua New Guinea underwater photos photography marine life photo
Eastern Pacific
Underwater Photographs from Papua New Guinea page 2
Examples of fish, invertebrates and scenics found around Papua New Guinea
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Reef scene
Crocodile fish face
Crocodile fish eye
PI-46 Nudibranch
(Risbecia tryoni)
PS-18 Reef scene
PF-19 Crocodile fish face
(Cymbacephalus beauforti)
PF-20 Crocodile fish eye
(Cymbacephalus beauforti)
Crinoid with cirri
Cockatoo wasp fish
Underside of sea star
PI-03 Crinoid with unusual
color pattern
PI-04 Crinoid holds on
with cirri
CAI-24 Cockatoo wasp fish
(Ablabys taenianotus)
PI-70 Underside of sea star

Pink anemonefish

Anemone with clownfish

PF-02 Pink anemonefish
(Amphiprion perideraion)
CAK-04 Spanish dancer
(Hexagranchus sanguineus)
PS-16 Anemone with
symbiotic clownfish
PI-26 Anemone creates
an abstract