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Eastern Pacific

Almost all of the photos displayed on marinelifephoto.com are available to purchase as fine art prints. To keep these prints economical for almost anyone to own, I offer digital Lightjet Prints on Fuji Crystal Archive Paper rather than more expensive traditional photographs. The company I use to produce these prints "uses state-of-the-art digital photo printers that produce true silver-halide photo prints with an apparent resolution of 4000 dots per inch and yield a sharpness and color gamut unavailable with traditional film-exposure or digital inkjet printing technologies."

To order, simply use the shopping cart feature found on the main page for each image. I have made them available in the three most common frame sizes. Unfortunately, that requires cropping the image to fit those specific aspect ratios which differ from the origiinal aspect ratio of film (1x1.5). See illustration below. In some cases, the photograph does not lend itself to cropping and is available only in the original format. For special requests of other sizes, send an email and I will do my best to oblige. info@marinelifephoto.com

The quality of all prints is guaranteed. If for any reason you do not feel the print is up to your expectations, please contact me for a full refund or replacement. Please allow 10-14 days to receive your order.

Example of uncropped image with an aspect
ratio of 35mm film (1x1.5)
Example of cropped image with an aspect
ratio equal to that of commonn frame sizes