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Eastern Pacific
Photographs of Underwater Scenics page 1
Some examples of the beautiful scenery found in tropical and temperate oceans
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Sea fans and crinoids
Half moon perch
Soft corals
Cabbage coral and diver
PS-20 Sea fans and crinoids
Papua New Guinea
CAK-13 Half moon perch in kelp
forest, California
CAI-58 Soft corals of many
colors, Fiji
CAS-07 Cabbage coral and
diver, Fiji
Garibaldi in kelp forest
soft coral scene
Blood star among corynactis
anchovy schoo
CAK-01 Garibaldi in kelp forest
PS-03 Strange, drooping soft
coral scene, Papua New Guinea
CAS-01 Blood star among
corynactis, California
CS-01 Sea fans and anchovy
school, Sea of Cortez

Large soft corals

Group of huge seafans
Giant clam

School of baitfish

PS-09 Large soft corals
stand out, Papua New Guinea
CAI-30 School of baitfish blocks
the sun, Sea of Cortez
CAI-33 Group of huge seafans
Solomon Islands
SS-10 Giant clam among
crinoids, Solomon Islands