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Eastern Pacific
Underwater Photographs from the Solomon Islands page 1
Examples of fish, invertebrates and scenics found around the Solomon Islands
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Twinspot goby
SF-01 Anemonefish bites
host (Amphiprion frenatus )
SI-10 Nudibranch is missing an
oral tentacle (Flabellina exoptata)
SF-11 Twinspot goby on sand
(Signigobius biocellatus)
SI-21 Beautiful pink soft coral
Blue scorpionfish
Mantis shrimp
Teira batfish
SI-14 Mantle of Giant clam
(Tridacna sp)
SF-19 Blue scorpionfish
SI-07 Mantis shrimp near den
(Odontodactylus scyallarus)
SF-03 Large Teira batfish
(Platax teira)

Coral reef scene

Pink anemonefish
School of jacks and barracuda

Shallow crinoids  on coral

SS-03 Reef scene soft corals
and crinoids
SF-12 Pink anemonefish on host
(Amphiprion perideraion)
SS-07 School of jacks and
barracuda with diver
SS-09 Shallow crinoids
on coral