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Eastern Pacific

The following is a list of images found on this web site sorted by type and geographic location. The common name is followed by the genus and species. In some cases, the animal has not been identified, and only the common name is given. We have many more images of many more species available, so please contact us if you are in search of something specific. Each name is a link to the page where the image can be found. If you find any errors in identification, please contact us. Images are available on a per use licensing basis for publication in print and for the web. CONTACT US

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           Blue-banded goby- Lythrypnus dalli

           California Sheephead, male- Semicossyphus pulcher

           California Sheephead, female- Semicossyphus pulcher

           California Sheephead, juvenile- Semicossyphus pulcher

           Cabezon- Scorpaenichthys marmoratus

           Coralline sculpin- Artedius corallinus

           Fringehead- Neoclinis sp.

           Garibaldi (adult)- Hypsypops rubicundus

           Garibaldi (juvenile)- Hypsypops rubicundus

           Garibaldi (subadult)- Hypsypops rubicundus

           Halfmoon perch- Medialuna californiensis

           Horn shark- (Heterodontus   francisci)

           Island kelp fish- Allochlinus holderi

           Island kelp fish, face only- Allochlinus holderi

           Kelpfish- Gibbonsia sp.

           Ling cod- Ophiodon elongatus

           Moray eel- Gymnothorax mordax

           Rockfish, gopher- Sebastes carnatus

           Ronquil, stripefin- Rathbunnella alleni

           Scorpionfish, California (dark colored)- Scorpaena guttata

           Scorpionfish, California (light colored)- Scorpaena guttata

           Scorpionfish, rainbow- Scorpaenodes xyris

           Sculpin (unidentified, possibly snubnose)

           Sculpin (unidentified)